Naples Airport

History of Naples International Airport

Naples is the city of the Capodichino region of South Italy also known as “Campo di Marte.”  In 1910, the very first military airfield was established in the Capodichino district of Naples during World War I. This airfield was primarily used for military aviation activities, Camp di Marte became the military airport to defend against the Austro- Hungarian Town and German Air attacks.

In 1933, the first commercial flights started operating from Naples Airport, connecting the city to Rome, Milan, and other Italian destinations. Naples Airport played a crucial role in military operations during World War II. It was used extensively as a base by the Allied forces – United States Army forces and the Royal air force during their Italian campaigns.

naples airport history
naples airport history
  • The airfield was used by RAF no.324 wing along with its five squadrons of Supermarine spitfires in 1943 and then it stationed 79th Fighter Groups, 47th Bombardment groups, 33rd Fighter Groups, and 332nd FG.  Eventually, it also suffered significant damage due to bombings.

  • Later, the Combat moved out, and the Naples Airport of Italy was used by Air Transport Command as a Hub of Cargo which transmitted aircraft and personnel for the remaining war span.

  • Post-War Airport Reconstruction and expansion efforts it was refurbished for commercial traffic in 1950. The facilities were much improved, and the runway was also extended to accommodate large aircraft. In the1980s, Gestione Servizi Aeroporto Capodichino (GE.S.A.C) was established to govern and administer airports.
  • The  International Airport of Naples entered the suit in 1982 and participated in the city council Province of Naples and Alitalia. 1955 took off with a new plan with BAA assistance, it marked the beginning of the twenty-year development plan. And in 1957  the NAP was the very first Italian airport to transfer from government to Private Administration. In 1988 the Galleria Napoli shopping arcade was opened for 365 days all the year long inside the airport terminals 1.

  • In the following decades, Naples Airport experienced further modernization and growth. New terminal buildings were constructed, and the runway was upgraded to handle increased air traffic. In 2002, Prince Charle inaugurated the brand-new departure lounge. The airport became an important gateway to southern Italy, attracting domestic and international airlines.
About Naples Airport
    • 2005 the airport’s maiden transatlantic flight Eurofly took off and started operating seasonal services to New York City with Alibus A330s. 2010 the NAP merged with Meridiana, and 2017 they got the rebranding of the flight as Air Italy, and in 2019, United Airlines brought in their seasonal flights to New  York aboard Boeing 767.


    • Over the years, the Airport of Naples has seen various developments and growth. They have enhanced their capacity and passenger experience. The terminal buildings are renovated and expanded, to offer improved facilities and services. The airport has also increased its flight connections, including routes to major European destinations and seasonal flights to long-haul destinations.

And today, the Naples Airport serves as a vital transportation hub in southern Italy, facilitating business and the most comfortable travel to and from regions across the world. Contributing to the region’s economic and tourism development the NAP airport continues to play a significant role in connecting Naples with the rest of Italy and the world.